Distribution of raw materials of natural extraction
for food supplements and nutraceuticals
for functional food


POWDER OILS Nutraceutica: the new line of high biological and nutritional value oils rendered in solid form for maximum versatility in formulation.

There are always more oily ingredients of varied derivation of which the importance of prevention as factors towards several chronic-degenerative [ ... ]


EUBIOSKIN™: probiotics for health and beauty of the skin.

The news LACTOSTAB for skin care is called EUBIOSKIN™, a blend of L. paracasei and L. plantarum (10 bilion CFU/g of each strain) which helps to [ ... ]



Due to complexity and differentiation, vaginal microbiota is only the second to that of the intestine and it plays a key-role in the female genital [ ... ]


EUBIORAL™: probiotics for health of the oral cavity

Scientific research continues to unravel the incredible potential of probiotics both when they affect directly microbiota target and when their [ ... ]


Ek3 Italian Fresh Plants Plant extracts from fresh plants: the effectiveness is in the phytocomplex

Ek3Italian Fresh Plants is a new line of vegetal extracts obtained directly from fresh plants grown and processed in Italy.   The extracts [ ... ]


Nutraceutica srl, protagonist at NUCE 2015

NUCE & FOOD-ING 2015 edition, held once again in the fair complex of Bologna Fiere in interesting conjunction with Cosmopharma Exhibition, the [ ... ]

Life in Plants is the new Nutraceutica’s line of vegetal extracts. All our knowledge and passion are in 450 selected extracts which came from the world leading companies and most of them are contract manufactured in Italy exclusively for Nutraceutica. Life in Plants extracts are manufactured under our supervision in a modern structure with minimal environmental impact. Quality, safety, eco - sustainability, full compliance with food and pharmaceutical standards: Life in Plants gets the best from nature.