• Ek3Italian Fresh Plants is a new line of vegetal extracts obtained directly from fresh plants grown and processed in Italy.


    The extracts derived from dried drugs, start from the early stages of processing, can be subject to a loss of volatile molecules, thermolabile or easily degradable. In addition, if the extracts are purified and concentrated until achievement of desired assay in a specific active substance inevitably occurs a

    depletion in the contents of the other phytoconstituents.


    The extracts of the line Ek3 Italian Fresh Plants are born with the clear desire to ensure maximum

    integrity of the original phytocomplex, pursued through:


    1. the use of fresh vegetal matrix;

    2. respect for the natural proportion of phytochemicals;

    3. the adequacy of the entire production process.


         The advantages of the phytocomplex than the single active ingredient isolated


    1) Synergism between the components of the phytocomplex: the effect of a vegetal drug is the result of the combined action and mutual enhancement of the multiplicity of substances that make the phytocomplex and cannot simply be reproduced with the isolation of one or more active substances. In fact, the active substances considered in isolation show modified or reduced therapeutic effects: it is only through the structural integrity of the phytocomplex that the plant can exert the most of its activity.


    2) Multiplicity of biological activities attributable to different components of the phytocomplex: for example, Echinacea has contemporaneously, properties immunomodulatory, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.


                     3) Better bioavailability: the participation of secondary products (eg. organic acids, mucilage, saponins,






                     tannins) can act on the conveyance or on the absorption of the active substances increasing their            



                    4) Better tolerability: the synergy that is created between constituents of the phytocomplex allows

                     the use of minor quantities to achieve the desired effect and derives an advantage in the safety profile.



              Ek3Italian Fresh Plants: Italian quality form seed to finished product


    The choice of using fresh vegetal matrix and to respect the natural distribution of phytoconstituents is a part of a production process that, from the seed to the finished product, places the phytocomplex in the center:


    - Selection and verification of used organic seeds

    - Controlled cultivation without use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers

    - Harvest at the correct balsamic time and in the most appropriate time of day

    - Extraction from fresh plant started immediately after harvest with classical extraction techniques and solvent of appropriate alcoholic degree

    - Concentration of the extraction solution through vacuum thin film concentrator pushed with recovery of the volatile fractions




    Two variants are available for each plant: concentrated aqueous extract (D/E ratio 1: 2) and dry extract (D/E ratio 4: 1).