Nutraceutica is a company born from experience gained in years of activity and research in the nutritional, dietary and herbal field.

Nutraceutica srl is a dynamic company founded in 2002 by Andrea and Francesca Poli in Monterenzio (Bologna) operating in trading and distribution of raw natural ingredients. Herbal extracts, vitamins, seaweeds, aminoacids, proteins, probiotics and prebiotics are the main classes of interest. By means of its trained agents and selling offices Nutraceutica covers the entire Europe (including most of the Eastern countries). Nutraceutica is a well-established partner for leading companies in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food and beverage markets. It has an important partnership with global suppliers that ensure the highest quality and services.

One of the main strengths of Nutraceutica, is the “customized packaging size” for its products according to customer needs. The breakdowns are performed in the specialized repackaging rooms in a controlled atmosphere in order to comply with all applicable regulations in this field. In order to enhance the work capacity, quality and speed of service, a second facility was launched in 2014 for the storage under controlled microclimatic conditions and the packing into special clean rooms; taking on new employees has also been a source of pride for management.

Nutraceutica’s mission is to select, analyze and promote high value natural actives, certified for efficacy and safety; passion, experience and costant tuning on scientific knowledge are the tools to accomplish this goal. In past years Nutraceutica marked an impressive commercial growth and was awarded with the Mascagni Prize 2013; a prestigious award given by the Unindustria Bologna especially for the working methods and the value given to scientific knowledge and to human relationships.