Nutraceutica is a company born from experience gained in years of activity and research in the nutritional, dietary and herbal field.

Founded in 2002 in Monterenzio (BO) by Andrea and Francesca Poli, Nutraceutica srl packages and distributes natural active ingredients, botanical extracts, vitamins, algae and microalgae, aminoacids, proteins, digestive enzymes and probiotics targeting the italian and international market.

During 2019 the Company was incorporated into the VOS Group, a holding owned by the Salamone family, allowing Nutraceutica to go a step further in terms of products and services together with a significant change in market positioning.

Today the close cooperation with VOS Group’s  production facilities and R&D Division allows the Company to widen the commercial offer, adding a special portfolio of botanical extracts from 100 % italian, controlled and very-short-range supply chain, geographycally limited to the unpolluted area of Pollino National Park.

Of paramount importance for Nutraceutica’s customers could be the opportunity to contract manufacturing customized extracts at VOS Group’s extraction facilities, also involving controlled and very-short-range supply chain herbs; the chance offered to plan a custom extract production “form the field to the bulk powder” is almost unique among the botanical raw ingredients distributors. To complete the offer, network boasts strategic partnerships with global suppliers and manufacturers positioned in the highest quality and service ranges of single categories.

Nutraceutica is on a daily growing path with a special commitment to the Company’s founding mission that had a pivotal role during these years.

We struggle to balance at our best  passion, experience, high value customer service, focus on scientific research and information sharing with our partners; Nutraceutica is still in the wake tracked by the  founders but with a renewed technological and industrial organization strongly wanted by the new owners and the new management.

A stronger and more cohesive team takes the field, together with customers and partners, facing the challanges of a continuously evolving market.