Our company

A company built on the experience of years of activity in the specific sector and focused on the scouting of raw materials of high quality and scientific added value.

<h2>We were born</h2>

We were born

Nutraceutica was established in 2002 in Monterenzio and rapidly became leader in the national and international market by sourcing, re-packaging and distributing natural ingredients, herbal extracts, algae and micro algae, vitamins, aminoacids, proteins, bioflavonoids, digestive enzymes and probiotics.

<h2>We grew up</h2>

We grew up

In 2019 Nutraceutica was acquired by VOS Group, the Salomone’s family holding company. The approach of the new owner is focused on quality and innovation.
Nutraceutica benefits from the acquisition by direct sourcing from sister companies which give the ability to offer certified extracts from an all-Italian supply chain belonging to the pristine Pollino Park area.
Nutraceutica manages exclusive partnership with renowned leading suppliers in their respective market segments.

<h2>And now we look to the future</h2>

And now we look to the future

Fully embracing its mission Nutraceutica keeps evolving combining passion and experience with customer focus; offering a strong cooperation to its business partners.
In line with the founding principles but with a new technological and industrial organization, Nutraceutica’s team sides with customers and suppliers to overcome the challenges of a market in rapid evolution.